Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Home


Pre- Event Screening: Thursday Feb. 25th 6:30/ River Forest Public LibraryTickets

This film is paired with a longer film, My Stuff. Stay for a brief, post-film program and discussion focused on the topics of waste and consumerism, and voluntary simplicity. Featuring Q&A with Rachel Lyons, member of Emmaus House in Lawndale focused on racial justice, hospitality, and accompaniment. She is also the Organizer for the Mission of Social Justice at Old St. Patrick's Church. Facilitator: Seamus Ford, Co-Founder, Root Riot Urban Garden Network.

Bea Johnson/ 2015/ 8 min/ Waste, Recycling 

FILM DESCRIPTION: Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Home raises questions such as, how much do you throw away each year and how about each day? The numbers are mind boggling, but what if the waste you produced in a single year fit into a quart size jar? That’s what one family of four is doing!