Park District Will Get $100,000 IF 1,000 Residents Take Sustainability Pledge

Pesticide free grass sign, a little girls holds a tomato, and a rainbarrel. All sustainable.

By Jan Arnold

Green Mountain Energy (GME) Sun Club is partnering with the Park District of Oak Park to provide $100,000 for solar panels, rain harvesting, tea composting and bees at the Oak Park Conservatory.

To secure these funds, the Park District needs your help. Click on the link below to identify actions you and your family will take to help make our community more sustainable and contribute to the overall health of Mother Earth.

Choose one or more actions you will take to help make a positive environmental impact, whether it is planting native plants, replacing your lightbulbs with LEDs or having a chemical free lawn. If we all commit to do a little, the impact will be huge.

Each family may complete a maximum of four (4) pledges per household and only one (1) per business.

Thanks in advance for helping the Park District secure the 1,000 pledges needed to receive the $100,000 grant allowing the Oak Park Conservatory to be more sustainable.

Keep an eye out for a ribbon cutting at the Oak Park Conservatory in 2019, where you can see the results of your efforts and thank GME Sun Club for providing these sustainable features.

Be the change you want to embrace.

Jan Arnold is Executive Director of the Park District of Oak Park.